The Century began with the age of enlightenment. There was a backlash against religion and instead, people were looking to natural laws and logic for their answers. Newton used this logic to discover and explain gravity.

Meanwhile, in america, the race to claim property ran into conflict when france and england came head to head in the french and indian war. england won the war, but the colonists who fought for england did not get the respect they felt they deserved from england, after the victory.

in the years that followed, the colonists felt more and more like england was taking advantage of them, charging them taxes to make the colonists pay for england’s debts. this led to the american revolution.

france helped the colonists defeat england (getting vengeance on england from the french and indian war), and then  france was so inspired by the result that they overthrew their own king and queen, and had a french revolution.

This was truly a century of revolution. Both American and french. The century  started with enlightenment and it ended with enlightenment, as the French king and queen who tried to ignore the movement, found themselves being overthrown and killed. the 1800s would begin with napolean bonaparte spreading the ideas of the french revolution that had been started at the end of this century. From enlightenment to american revolution to french revolution, this was a century of the people, and their rebellion against the established order.