The 1800s began where the 1700s left off, with the spread of the french revolution. And there was a messenger who carried the beliefs of this revolution and passed them on through europe. his name was napoleon bonaparte, and he quickly conquered all of europe except for england and russia. soon he was going after russia.

meanwhile, the us was being blocked by england from trading with bonaparte’s france. and so the u.s. went at it with england, for the war of 1812.

after all of this boiled over, bonaparte lost in russia and the u.s. won in their war against england. and now we were headed in the direction of a different kind of revolution. industrial revolution. It was a time of change all over america, and really all over the world. while england was testing out the first railroad ever, for example, the u.s. was building the eerie canal to connect the east of the country with the west through a massive waterway.

And soon the industrial revolution was upon us, whereby workers were sent packing and machines started taking their jobs. karl marx didn’t like this one bit, and he called for the workers to rise up and take a stand.

China and japan had their own things going on with europe, with china fighting off england over opium and losing. they had to give england hong kong as a victory prize. to the victor go the spoils. japan made sure not to make the same mistake and just allowed bully england to come in. they were hoping to trick the european countries that came to japan, into teaching them some of their technology. then, one day, japan planned to use it against them. with all of this going on in europe and asia, the u.s. was finally left to deal with it’s own problems.

And before you knew it, they found some. tension over slavery in the u.s. had gotten so strong that a rift was formed between the northern and southern states of the country. abraham lincoln was elected president, and when the south succeded from the nation, he began the civil war to go after them and bring them back.

Not to be outdone, while all of this was going on in the u.s., the countries of europe found their chance to outplay each other with trickery, whereby france was outsmarted into taking on more than it could handle. with france being convinced by italy to attack other countries, the end result was that italy and germany came out as independent countries of their own.

In the end, it was of invention and war. it began with a war in europe (with the us going over there to get involved), and ended with a war in the us, the civil war. in between, there was massive levels of invention and creation. So much, that factories significantly cut down their need for workers, and many found themselves without a job. the communist party was born from all this. that party would have a powerful impact on the 1900s that were to come. and in europe, the emergence of italy and germany was a sign of things to come as well, two countries that would later be teaming up with each other in world war 2 to go after none other than the french, the nation that they outmaneuvered here in the 1800s.