The century started out with england and france uniting, no longer enemies for the first time in hundreds of years (since the norman invasions of 1066 AD) to put down the chinese boxer rebellion. England and france would find themselves continuing to join forces throughout the century, usually with the help of Russia and the United states as well. there was world war I and then world war II, both With the U.S. joining the fight late in the game.

And in the end, after world war 2 had reached it’s conclusion, and after germany was put down, a new enemy arose in it’s place. the soviet union. the country that made communism the strongest enemy of the united states for the entire mid-part of the century. with major problems in the 50s and 60s, from the dealings of mccarthyism to kennedy, it wasn’t until reagan and gorbachev hashed things out in the eighties that the ongoing conflict and fear of communism could be put to a rest.

and then came the problems with the middle east and terrorists from some of those countries. the u.s. found itself faced with problems against iraq, iran, and afghanistan. the eighties, nineties, and start of the 2000s were characterized by this, with sept 11, 2001 being the biggest terrorist attack on the united states in the history of the nation. the only thing even comparable was the attack on pearl harbor, on december 7th, 1941, which was a military base. september 11th, on the other hand, was an attack on civilians.

As a result, the united states found itself fighting two wars at the same time, one against iraq and sadam hussein, the other against afghanistan and osama bin laden. it wasn’t until 2011 that both of these men had been captured and killed.

the 1900s were filled with three different reigns of enemies, Nazi Germany, communist russia, and terrorists from the middle east. each of these conflicts lasted for multiple decades and caused great unrest not only in america, but around the world.