The independence and formation

          of italy and germany      1870 A.D.


In 1865, the countries of europe were france, austria, england, turkey, and russia. these countries made the other parts of europe into their colonies of land that they owned and were in control of. england held india as a colony, and turkey had constaninople, the city that became the remains of the once great roman empire. france and Austria in direct competition with each other, because of how close they were on the map. they both wanted to own germany and italy, two colonies. An italian Man named cavour, wanted italy to become it’s own independent country. Germany also wanted to be free and independent. Cavour had a plan.

he knew that the only way to give italy a chance at independence was for the other countries that had claims to italy, to grow weaker. and so he came up with a plan to pit those countries against each other. first, cavour convinced both france and germany to attack austria.

France and Germany defeat austria, and both rise in power. Now france starts to worry that germany is getting too strong. So france attacks germany. As it happens, france was right, and germany is stronger than they expected. germany defeats france, causing france to have to pull out of italy, because of it’s weakened state. Italy and germany now become independent countries.


France vs. germany, 1870