Enabling the rise of the persian empire

    in around the year 1200 BC, a tribe of people know as the Dorians (Achaians) came down from the mountains and into greece. they attacked and conquered the people there and now took over ruling the land. while all this was happening, another group started to quietly rise up in the shadows, building in secrecy. that group was the assyrians, and while the dorians became distracted with such massive feats as the trojan war, the assyrians slowly started to carve out their way. they watched as the dorians made themselves weak from taking on too much, and the assyrians now began to strike themselves, first going out and conquering the fertile crescent area.

    Not far off from that area, Israel was facing conflicts of it’s own. the country was facing constant disputes over such matters as religion, the building of temples, taxes, and leadership. all of this made israel weak, and while this was happening the assyrians were getting stronger by conquering the fertile crescent (mesopotamia, what is today saudi arabia).

     At that point, it seemed inevitable that the assyrians, who were rising in power, would eventually conquer israel, which was falling. And so they did. In 726 BC, the assyrians conquered israel to become an ultra-powerful empire. As long as the assyrians were around, there could be no other great power. And so it was up to two other powers to join together in order to put the assyrians down. In 600 BC, the medes joined together with the neo-babylonians (the new babylonians in the fertile crescent area) to put an end to the assyrian reign. With the assyrians out of the way, there was finally an opportunity for a new power to rise. The Persians now had their chance.